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July 12, 2020

The Unlimited Mercy of God

Jonah 3

If it's not the video, it's the audio...

One day it will all work smoothly! Maybe around the time systemic injustice has been totally eradicated and God's Kingdom has come and God's will is being done on earth as it is in heaven. In the meantime, we still have Jonah the Flying Prophet...


Pastor Jenn

June 28, 2020

The Undeserved Mercy of God

Jonah 1:17-2:10

"How do Christians tarnish their own image?" --Lilly


Every couple of weeks or so (seems like during especially spiritually significant services--like this one which incorporated a baptism), we have nearly insurmountable technical difficulties. In this case, the livestream feed got jammed and the full sermon didn't make it, but you'll get most of it and definitely the "punchline." Thanks for listening!

Pastor Jenn

June 21, 2020

The Unsettling Mercy of God

"Summer Shorts" series

Jonah 1

Is the story of Jonah a love story?


Pastor Jenn

June 14, 2020

I Am: The Alpha and the Omega

Revelation 1:5b-8; 22:12-17

"When Apocalypse (any apocalypse) happens, the enemy wants us to see the truth of the dire situation we’re in and focus on that, getting so overwhelmed and discouraged that either we buckle under and do nothing, or rise up to try to fix the horror we’ve seen—through our own isolating, conflict-ridden, sinful, broken human ways—which only make it worse and worse.

"When Apocalypse (any apocalypse) happens, God wants us to see Himself."


Pastor Jenn

June 7, 2020

I AM: the true vine

John 15:1-17

What's the deal with the pruning?


Pastor Jenn

May 31, 2020

I AM: the Way, the Truth, and the Life

John 14:1-27
What ever happened to the Breath of Life?

Note: Pastor Jenn began speaking before the camera was ready. Notably, the first, very key, words of this talk were: "I can't breathe."


Pastor Jenn

May 24, 2020

I AM: the Resurrection and the Life

John 11:1-44

"If anybody could change our reality right now, it's Him, right?"


Note 1: The message herein was written and recorded during a seeming lull between two notable and horrific racial murders in the USA. Grief and death are presented here more generally and vaguely than they might have been had this sermon been prepared immediately after the murder of George Floyd. Grief now (again) has an even more bitter taste. And our hope remains in the Resurrection and the Life.

Note 2: As our church attempts to reenter our building, still working with cobbled-together technology, this recording is not particularly clear. The service was transmitted to Facebook Live via a personal cell phone picking up the external mic's transmission of speakers speaking through masks. Furthermore, the simultaneous attempt to record an audio file was unsuccessful, necessitating a further recording of the Facebook video via a voice recording app on computer. We thank you for your ongoing patience as we continue to navigate these tech challenges, as well as for your continued listening.

May 17, 2020

I Am: the Gate

John 10:1-16, 24-30

A gate and a shepherd?


Pastor Jenn

May 10, 2020

I Am: The Good Shepherd

John 10:1-6, 11-32

How do you know the Good Shepherd's voice?


Pastor Jenn

May 3, 2020

I AM: the Bread of Life

John 6:1-58

"The Passover was near." --Apostle John


Pastor Jenn