Messages from a small church seeking the center of God’s heart and will.

Sundays at Central

August 10, 2019

Sunday service is at 10 a.m., preceded by 9 a.m. Sunday school for school-aged children and youth. The friendliest “coffee and” (“and” sometimes means full-fledged lunch) follows the service at 11:15. Please join us!

Central Baptist Church is a small, welcoming, warm-hearted congregation in Central Massachusetts. We are joyfully in the process of being “re-cast”–discerning the new vision God is giving us and the new ways He is calling us to glorify Him by serving our community–and we’ll tell you about it as soon as we can! We are very excited about what God is already doing here!    

Our pastor is available by appointment and would love to meet with you. Please contact us, or call (508) 764-6365 to schedule an appointment.