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Bring the Kingdom: Absolutely Everything

March 24, 2019

Matthew 5:17-48

Pastor Jennifer A G Layte 

"In today’s passage, Jesus calls out the baggage—three basic ways that human beings operate in the world before we enter the Kingdom of Heaven, that He does not want us dragging back in there: 1. We diminish other people’s personhood, which was created in God’s image just like ours was. 2. We objectify or use people. 3. When other people diminish or objectify or use us, we retaliate. We lash out. These aren’t just behaviors, they run deep. They are core default responses in every human being—except for Jesus, who, as He says, fulfills the Law. As He illustrates these three approaches to life and people, He shows them up for what they really are, and the remedies He prescribes are impossible without Him."